Billie Eilish - idontwannabeyouanymore | A COLORS SHOW

Los Angeles-native pop starlet Billie Eilish is back with a stunning and deeply introspective performance of “idontwannabeyouanymore”, lifted off her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me.
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    COLORSVor year

    *Lyrics below* 💚 [Verse 1] Don't be that way Fall apart twice a day I just wish you could feel what you say Show, never tell But I know you too well Got a mood that you wish you could sell [Chorus] If teardrops could be bottled There'd be swimming pools filled by models Told "a tight dress is what makes you a whore" If "I love you" was a promise Would you break it, if you're honest Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before Idontwannabeyouanymore [Verse 2] Hands getting cold Losing feeling getting old Was I made from a broken mold? Hurt, I can't shake We've made every mistake Only you know the way that I break [Chorus] If teardrops could be bottled There'd be swimming pools filled by models Told "a tight dress is what makes you a whore" If "I love you" was a promise Would you break it, if you're honest Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before I don't wanna be you I don't wanna be you I don't wanna be you... Anymore

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  8. Alex

    AlexVor 20 Minuten

    i genuinely cant stand billie, but this song always resonates with me because of my eating disorder

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    Israt BannaVor 7 Stunden

    I love your song

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    dresses bold, sings italic, lyrics underlined

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    Hello . ..☆☆☆♡♡♡Billie Eilish♡♡♡☆☆☆..waoo. you are super cool you voice woo from eren from El Salvador 🇸🇻 🇸🇻 🇸🇻 greet you are the best for me...!!!!***🤩😊🤗💕💕🎶🎶🎶

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    Te amoooooooooooo Billie

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    Tão maravilhosa meu deuso

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    eso mamonaaaaaa

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    Al parecer pasan los días y va aumentando su hermosura y talento y eso que tiene 18

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    jhvewb kjersas aleiso chuidciwdi

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    this were simple times, miss them


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    I made a cover of this song, I wish it could get views. Please help me

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    Que ermosa❤️❤️😍😍

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    La France ???? 👄💋💟💖💖💖💖

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    amazing voice. keep it up

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    Te quierooooooooo Aguacatito 💚💚

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    ESTA CHICA ES ARTE❤🥺!!!! logro que me enamore de esta canción tan linda yo que no soy de escuchar música en Inglés

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    does anyone what hat he wore? which merk is that? it looks sooo cool

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    Javier Andre

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    Şarkının hayranıyım.

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    Solo deseo que pudieras sentir lo que dices ... 😞

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    La mejor cancion de billie

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    i just realized in 2020

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    the best of the best best best

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    I just wanna know MFs who dislike this video

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    gud girl❤❤❤

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    Billie's voice is amazing af, but I gotta say I'd love to see her singing with a more "thick" voice, 'cause I know she has it.

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    Que hermosa es🥺❤️me encanta sus canciones, soy fans de ella❤️❤️

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  44. Monica Sa

    Monica SaVor 2 Tage Hello people I made a cover of this song. Go check it out, I hope you like it. Help me, share with your friends. Thanks! ❤🙌🏼

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    Essa música me define, eu sou pior q um lixo!!!

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    Linda maravilhosa

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    2 anos desse video e ele ainda não foi tombado como patrimonio cultural, foda

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    Idontwannnnnaaaaabeeeeeeeyouuuuuanymore 😭

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    머리부터 발 끝 까지 속눈썹 털 한가닥 한가닥 빠짐없이 코르셋 꽉꽉 조인 여성 아티스트들만 보다가 이 영상 보니까 숨통이 좀 트이는 느낌이다 이런 편한 차림의 여성 아티스트 너무 희귀하고 소중함..

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    Feels so complicated and relatable

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    amo a billie elish❤

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    Es exactamente la misma voz que la de melanie martinez

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    aiiiiii don guanaaa biii yuuuu

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    2 years ago,,, damn

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    hello i loved this song i would like to meet billie eilish

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    Colors 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Angel voice😍

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    ชอบเพลงนี้มาก ฟังเกือบทุกวัน ❤️

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    Ella no necesita autotune ella es perfecta su vos se párese ah la de un ángel sin autotune es perfecta i love you Billie 💚💜💓💚🕷🕷🕸

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    Hola Soy Tu Fan Numero 1

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    Esta mujer es bella me encanta su música y su voz es increíble

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    Billie makes her tics seem so in sync with her body movement you'd barely be able to tell she has them lol so beautiful little creature 😌💞

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    Si las la lagrimas fueran enbotelladas. Abria pisinas. De modelos

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    Guats ers de Francia 😣

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    Me encanta, me encanta, me encanta, me encanta me encantaAAaahh

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    Me encanta el freestyle y no se como conocí a Billie pero me encanta su voz, tal vez no todas sus canciones pero canta muy bien. (Me refiero es que nunca fui fan del pop).

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    If a love you. :> like

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    Beautifull 😢lagrimas de emocion

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    Te amooo mi diosa eres la mejor mi hermosa cantante te amooo un chingon

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    estas son cansiones chingonas

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    Cuando se lanza el "pa ra ra ra ra"... Me siento como en las puertas del cielo.

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    No quiero un Grammy solo quiero un gramo necesito saber si a alguien le gusta esa cancion

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    I'll be honest.... This is the first song I've heard from Billie from start to finish.. 🤯🤯🤯

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    She's constantly out of the rythme lol I love her but don't like this AT ALL.

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