Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

"Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
Official Audio: de-gos.info/video/jnqwqLzQb627Y6s.html
Directed by Director X
Future online:
(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.


  1. Sy Effect Radio

    Sy Effect RadioVor Tag

    The moral of the story, it doesn't matter what job you have now, if keep grinding, write down your goals believe in yourself and execute dreams come true! 👊🏼🙏💞

  2. Don't look at my profile picture!

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  3. Fathima

    FathimaVor Tag

    Drake: “Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up” IRS: LIFE IS GOOD HUH? IGHT BET

  4. Dje Wynne

    Dje WynneVor Tag

    On 0:31 and 0:32, upper left hand quadrant. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, YUH!!!

  5. Henry Yeta

    Henry YetaVor Tag

    We Want An Album

  6. OvO Jordan

    OvO JordanVor Tag

    Label: how many girls and what expensive cars do you want for the video Drake and Future: working regular jobs sounds good

  7. D Mc

    D McVor Tag

    I need a full song from Drake like right now!

  8. TheRager

    TheRagerVor Tag

    Bro let’s just copy NF why don’t we

  9. Tracee Fayne

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  10. HR V

    HR VVor Tag

    Future’s Part : kchsknch jshcheb bxhsg WOO hdhdh hdhs hsyebdfh bhhb WOO ♾

  11. Keimora Robles

    Keimora RoblesVor Tag

    this song go hard



    Drakes verse < Futures verse

  13. Yeshu Sesenaya

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  14. Square Bidnez

    Square BidnezVor Tag

    If you ever worked in fast food you gotta Fuck with video lol #WendysGang #07 😭

  15. Marcellus Howell

    Marcellus HowellVor Tag

    This' the Graveyard Shift's Anthem



    What huddle house is that

  17. Robert .H

    Robert .HVor Tag

    Ahh this is a good song. Future comes in.. Fuck 😔

  18. Joel Samuel

    Joel SamuelVor Tag

    Manager: So what job Ya'll want? Drake & Future: Yes

  19. Jordan Minter

    Jordan MinterVor Tag

    Someone make a video with only Drake's parts

  20. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyVor Tag

    This song wants me to make a reservation at McDonald’s

  21. Tomaž Šporin

    Tomaž ŠporinVor Tag

    who else just listens to drakes verse?

  22. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyVor Tag

    No body is gonna notice yatchy????

  23. Jacob Adams

    Jacob AdamsVor Tag

    2:51 what's that :5 doing there?

  24. Vvpo Lehtinen

    Vvpo LehtinenVor Tag

    This goes hard but I dont like Drakes part here...

  25. Chasity Williams

    Chasity WilliamsVor Tag

    About time he came out with some that sound like some 🙄🙄🙄

  26. GuapoMyc _

    GuapoMyc _Vor Tag

    Everything drake touches turns into gold.

  27. Reymond Santiago

    Reymond SantiagoVor Tag

    I love drake

  28. Lyra Legacy

    Lyra LegacyVor Tag

    They make working look Fun 😩🤣

  29. Lefteri Tahiraj

    Lefteri TahirajVor Tag

    0 bitches...real life videoclip..+ El Drake...

  30. Federico Polo

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  31. YounG FresH

    YounG FresHVor Tag

    Drake Verse 🔥Fire🔥 Future Verse: Not so much🚯🚯🚯

  32. Donavon Rodriguez

    Donavon RodriguezVor Tag

    anybody notice that "wasted" part on the truck?

  33. Sol Serpentine

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  34. Alex Solea

    Alex SoleaVor Tag

    Drake e Roman ba bine

  35. jay _

    jay _Vor Tag

    Why the soundcloud version all slowed up en shht

  36. Its Asaii

    Its AsaiiVor Tag

    No body is gonna notice yatchy????

  37. MostLitTry’s

    MostLitTry’sVor Tag

    This song wants me to make a reservation at McDonald’s

  38. Cempa TV

    Cempa TVVor Tag

    You, he really did it

  39. French Creo

    French CreoVor Tag

    This is dope

  40. Bruno Duarte

    Bruno DuarteVor Tag

    2:50 - Savage in the " Bank Account"

  41. Itzjustjasir

    ItzjustjasirVor Tag

    Producer: what beat y’all want? Drake: I want this beat Future: nah I like this one Producer: say no more

  42. ChandlerCutthroat

    ChandlerCutthroatVor Tag

    Aye if my latest video gets 20k views my step dad will stop beating me



    الي مش فاهم لايك

  44. Minely Min

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  45. jamar major

    jamar majorVor Tag

    Yes drake

  46. The Cheap Unboxing

    The Cheap UnboxingVor Tag

    This "WOO" is addicted!

  47. Nick Connelly

    Nick ConnellyVor Tag

    song been out for two weeks if that and it's gold🔥 the collab album gonna be dummy fireeeeeeee

  48. Nikki Nicole

    Nikki NicoleVor Tag

    “What? You can’t spit”...facts 😂

  49. Lyrics Tube

    Lyrics TubeVor Tag

    Lyrics video here de-gos.info/video/nJrQbtydjJzIlqc.html

  50. Jevaun Santos Benjamin

    Jevaun Santos BenjaminVor Tag

    You can understand Drake & his stuff is relatable. Future thou.. sounds like he got water in his mouth

  51. Kassandra Caez

    Kassandra CaezVor Tag

    they really pulled out a whole cracked phone gone.

  52. Frédéric Bélanger

    Frédéric BélangerVor Tag

    21 savage’s part was fire

  53. Jim Bo

    Jim BoVor Tag

    As a Garbage Man, IT Technician, Mechanic, Fast Food Cashier, Engineer, Chef, Professional Dancer, Director, Cameraman and Rapper, I can confirm this is how we do our job

  54. DeshawnToo Live

    DeshawnToo LiveVor Tag

    Drake part is faaarrrr better than Futures let’s be real here

  55. kidman yeow

    kidman yeowVor Tag

    nice song

  56. Mason Guy

    Mason GuyVor Tag

    Can someone tell me if credit karma is actually free or do they scam you with entering ur credit card for future references

  57. Stinka Butt

    Stinka ButtVor Tag

    So are we going to talk about Lil yacht

  58. the videowatcher

    the videowatcherVor Tag

    1:11 okay?

  59. LaSonja Malone

    LaSonja MaloneVor Tag

    Drake: haven’t don my taxes bcuz I’m to turnt up. IRS: ...we got em boys.breaks down door Drake:niggas caught me slipping das ok

  60. Abdulelah Almutairi

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    اللي جا من جوفينكو يرفع يده 😂💙

  61. Denis the menace

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    No matter what you work, as long you do it for you AND your fam.

  62. Masriyah Rianti

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