I don't think my girlfriend will notice..


  1. Sam And Colby FAN COLBYxJAKE

    Sam And Colby FAN COLBYxJAKEVor 11 Tage

    I was drinking pop and when the moment of silence part came up I laughed alot I spit it out and it went um my nose I cant breathhhhh🤣🤣🤣

  2. Emma Peterson

    Emma PetersonVor 12 Tage

    This is why I thought he was bi when I started watching his videos. Still haven’t ruled it out though. Sorry Brandon!

  3. Krista

    KristaVor 15 Tage

    Is that the sloth toy that's possessed?!

  4. Halie Marie

    Halie MarieVor 18 Tage

    Okay you must really like Jeffery 😂😂

  5. Hey It’s me

    Hey It’s meVor 19 Tage

    “Hold on Jeffree let me wash my brush” Me: 😵😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Macy Giese

    Macy GieseVor 20 Tage

    Eating goldfish and watching and watching the best youtuber

  7. ana mendez

    ana mendezVor 21 Tag

    Tapping his finger killed me 🤣

  8. Jessica McQueen

    Jessica McQueenVor 22 Tage

    Lol you tapping your finger off was everything 😂😂😂😂

  9. Draconea77717

    Draconea77717Vor 24 Tage

    Brandon you need to try one of piloff's welcome to makeup videos

  10. Nadine3030 Jacob33

    Nadine3030 Jacob33Vor 27 Tage

    Warning ⚠️: DO NOT WATCH this while brushing your teeth. Because you will end up laughing and eating all the toothpaste and feeling sick 🤢😂 I’m still alive tho😁 Love you Brandon and please please do a video of you putting make up on Gloria😂❤️ PLEASE💜

  11. Ted Williams

    Ted WilliamsVor 28 Tage

    Looks like someone punched you in the eye. Blink with your good eye if you need help. Mitchel does he need help? Guess we will never know.

  12. Ranay Smoot

    Ranay SmootVor 29 Tage

    Jeffree needs to see this.

  13. MistikButterfly

    MistikButterflyVor Monat

    "So Mitchell wasn't the one who dug Into my wet jewel. Rule him out" 🤣🤣🤣 Jeer Desus 😏

  14. Chloe Chandler

    Chloe ChandlerVor Monat

    Hold on jeffree I gotta clean my brush * wipes index finger*

  15. Casandra Showalter

    Casandra ShowalterVor Monat

    Gloria is going to freak out!!!!

  16. Yoonji Trash Min

    Yoonji Trash MinVor Monat

    He looks like he got punched in the eye 😂

  17. Roseblood thorn

    Roseblood thornVor Monat

    It look like that you have a black eye

  18. Makeup Bella

    Makeup BellaVor Monat

  19. ye ol films

    ye ol filmsVor Monat

    Moment of silence....

  20. Searching for our Seoul

    Searching for our SeoulVor Monat

    The jump he did when Jeffree went “OHH!” 😂

  21. Alisen Norman

    Alisen NormanVor Monat

    This is perfect.

  22. Bagheera23608

    Bagheera23608Vor Monat

    I'm relatively new here. Why are all the shelves EMPTY?!??

  23. Deana D

    Deana DVor Monat

    Yes it is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> lord knows Mitchell wont tell you. Funny man

  24. rayoftheson

    rayofthesonVor Monat

    Watching this with my kids and my oldest said "oh! It looks like he's hurt!" 😂

  25. meatball brown

    meatball brownVor Monat

    What do you do with the makeup when you are done with it ??

  26. 1dromadez 2020

    1dromadez 2020Vor Monat

    Gold content👊 1st time here, you have me wanting more

  27. picknbeansmamma

    picknbeansmammaVor Monat

    Looking fabuloussss!! 🤣😂

  28. Cory Lynn

    Cory LynnVor Monat


  29. Amber Stidham

    Amber StidhamVor Monat

    Ohhhh Maria is going to KILL you 😂😂

  30. La Rou

    La RouVor Monat

    You look beautiful Brandon

  31. Britt Whatever

    Britt WhateverVor Monat

    I love when you do make up videos it makes my day 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  32. Ashley Herrera

    Ashley HerreraVor Monat

    He looks like he has a bejeweled black eye 😂

  33. Brittany Grundy

    Brittany GrundyVor Monat

    The moment of silence nearly made me choke to death! BA HA HA HA!!!

  34. Brittany Tackett

    Brittany TackettVor Monat

    My husband calls Jeffree Jeff too 🤣

  35. Trashcan Stories

    Trashcan StoriesVor Monat

    Someone get Jeffrey to watch this xD

  36. Katie Jensen

    Katie JensenVor Monat

    The moment of silence. Dead

  37. Dominican Native

    Dominican NativeVor Monat

    Spouse abuse maria done bruised that eye lol

  38. Dominican Native

    Dominican NativeVor Monat

    Lol he had me laughing honestly he killed the review I understand she was tired and had jetlag but this was the energy I was looking for! Good job

  39. Allyk Cook

    Allyk CookVor Monat

    Daily Dose of Brandon

  40. yl pdz

    yl pdzVor Monat

    I just love how he grunts jeffrees name!

  41. Dastardly cute

    Dastardly cuteVor Monat

    Purple eye 😂 , Brandon trying to look like a rock star that just had a hang over on the very next day lol jk

  42. Heidi Longosky

    Heidi LongoskyVor Monat

    Ok but how mad was she

  43. A Wright

    A WrightVor Monat

    The way you say, "Jeffrey!!".....😅

  44. Dark_ Gamer

    Dark_ GamerVor Monat

    Looks like u got beat up. Like got a serious purple/not even black eye.

  45. Kelsey Heichelheim

    Kelsey HeichelheimVor Monat

    I don't get how people dislike his videos

  46. misty coke

    misty cokeVor Monat

    Brandon your eye looks like someone gave you a black eye XD

  47. dog lover

    dog loverVor Monat


  48. Gigi Malfoy

    Gigi MalfoyVor Monat

    Jeffree: hi how are ya? Brandon: I’m real good thank you Jeff

  49. Janelle

    JanelleVor Monat

    found u on tiktok and here I am! LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST GUY EVER, love you keep the videos coming!

  50. Sunshine_Lollipops

    Sunshine_LollipopsVor Monat

    “That’s some fourth demention finger diggin’”

  51. Pop Tart brown

    Pop Tart brownVor Monat

    😂that's how I feel when I do my makeup

  52. LyricsMomma1

    LyricsMomma1Vor Monat

    I want to see @Jeffreestarr reactions to Brandon’s videos about him!

  53. Emily Miller

    Emily MillerVor Monat

    I think you missed a spot.

  54. Earth To Bella

    Earth To BellaVor Monat

    You look so good in black.

  55. Kristin D

    Kristin DVor Monat

    You're gonna need makeup to cover the real black eye Gloria is gonna give you lol not only are you contaminating her NEW Jeffree pallet, but before she got to play with it?! Us poor people are over here DYING watching this Blasphemy! Hahaha I still love you though, B. I really hope to see you & Jeffree in a video together someday!!!! #BrandonStar !

  56. Dawson Goodridge

    Dawson GoodridgeVor Monat

    This may be my favorite Brandon moment yet

  57. Jasmine Andersen

    Jasmine AndersenVor Monat

    That finger tap to get excess off KILLED ME 😂😂😂

  58. Leah Morrison

    Leah MorrisonVor Monat

    Your supposed to peel of the thing on the mirror lmao My favorite part of pallets

  59. Bree Freeman

    Bree FreemanVor Monat

    Lol I love these high quality Jeffree Star reviews.

  60. Ashley Gonzales

    Ashley GonzalesVor Monat

    You look gorgeous Beebs

  61. Ashley Gonzales

    Ashley GonzalesVor Monat

    I want this so bad.

  62. Kaytlin Heywood

    Kaytlin HeywoodVor Monat

    Stupid Mitchell

  63. Dora Vlogs

    Dora VlogsVor Monat

    “I don’t have any brushes.......APART FROM THE TEN GOD GAVE ME! 🖐🏻🤚🏻 😂

  64. NOPE Kioftes

    NOPE KioftesVor Monat

    Honestly...?! I’m living gagging breathing dying etc for the extra extra extravaganza eye look you got going there. #deceased

  65. Izzy Scienski

    Izzy ScienskiVor Monat

    Can you do a live stream w/o membership on it please

  66. iris

    irisVor Monat

    Curious to see Brandon and Jeffree do a video together lol

  67. angela taylor

    angela taylorVor Monat


  68. Ronnie Godoy

    Ronnie GodoyVor Monat

    He's probably got an unopened fan package in the other room that has makeup brushes inside! 😆

  69. April Enger

    April EngerVor Monat

    “That’s some 4th dimension finger diggin”😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Kayla Rickell

    Kayla RickellVor Monat

    I would have liked to see what your eye look like after you wiped it off lmao

  71. Insanity 1116

    Insanity 1116Vor Monat

    This 👏 is 👏 amazing (lol)

  72. Skylar Dill

    Skylar DillVor Monat

    Brandon: That's some four-dimensional finger digging Me: laughing my butt off

  73. Savana D.

    Savana D.Vor Monat

    Someone send Brandon brushes please😂

  74. rfilbin83

    rfilbin83Vor Monat

    Oh Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. How you can completely make my day in a 3 minute video. Thank you kind Sir!

  75. Angel Woodridge

    Angel WoodridgeVor Monat


  76. Angel Woodridge

    Angel WoodridgeVor Monat

    I’m dead 🤣

  77. Keena Bear

    Keena BearVor Monat

    He's gunna hand it to Maria and she's gunna see all of his fingerprints pattered everywhere and be like "BaaaAaBe'uh"

  78. warriorwolfprincess

    warriorwolfprincessVor Monat

    This video sounds so dirty

  79. Melody Nyburg

    Melody NyburgVor Monat

    "How he's gonna be? What did we first off- gonna do I-" -Brandon Farris 2020

  80. Ammie Van

    Ammie VanVor Monat

    I just ordered the palette and I'm so excited to get it!!!!!!