In todays video we are trying the new and very hyped up JEFFREE STAR BLOOD LUST COLLECTION! I hope you enjoyed today’s video!

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    When I tell you... the devil works hard but I work harder lfmaooo 🤪 I literally just got off a flight, filmed and posted. Wow DEDICATION! Ily you guys! I love giving back to you, thank you for watching 🔮🤍

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    @meredithnorkus Port St Lucie, FL Great tutorial! 💜🙋🏻‍♀️

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    Hel Cohl! I’m from Edmonton Alberta 😊 IG: Bri_Stranger 😘 keep slaying

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    Stunning. Thank you for doing an everyday look! Needed a little inspiration for how to wear it at work!

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    I missed this and you did it on my birthday.

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    I want this palette so bad!

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    I love this! insta is maggie.hancock_

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    Soooo beaut !!! I so hope I win a pallete so I can play around with these amazing shades 😭 IG: osbonbon Yorkshire, UK 🤘🏽🕺🖤

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    Minnesota!!! @mubyajbeauty 👑💜

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    How did you not get this in pr if the launch didnt even launch till the 21st and you posted this video on the 20th and it takes at least a couple days to film and edit a vidio so u did get it in pr ???? Wth???

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    1:10 he literally says it's not his but his friends...

  17. Christine diane Smith

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    I love the look you came up with. Its subtle enough to wear every day. But still look stunning enough to wear out. I'm from Florida previously from Michigan where I spent 52 years before moving here. IG: momx4x. Purple is my favorite color.

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    from southern cali! ig @sueandreakelly

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    From NY and I love your videos 💜 especially your unbiased reviews IG: @marie.reilly3

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    Could you please do a comparison with Morphe 35p purple palette?

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    This is everything 💞 Philippines 💞 IG: kimochiii22

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    You review does not seem genuine

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    I am stealing this look for my Disneyland trip. I might tone it down a little though. I promise if anyone asks I'll point them to you.

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    Looks great!

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    He looks like Katy Perry with the final look I’m not made 😩😂

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    gorgeous look! you’re so talented!💓 i’m from the United States instagram: bam_brielle

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    Beautiful. From: Houston Ig. iweshastar

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    I'm from Byron, IL... so close to your hometown!!!! I loved watching you cheer!!! Insta: petersonn15

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    I am absolutely in love with the look 😍

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    Thank you for the everyday look! I was nervous that this palette would only be able to do bold looks, but I think I’m going to wear your look tomorrow! My palette just came today! 😍😍

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    girl how do you expect me to respect your opinion when you're a native English speaker who doesn't know how to pronounce deviant. Girl.

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    Hi from Tennessee! This look turned out soooo cute! I love these new purples, Jeffree did amazing! And you crack me up😊, love watching your reviews💕 IG: Neelyc87

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    Massachusetts @akjuda1994 and also i don't make videos cause i don't know how but my Instagram is full of beauty photos so please pick me. I couldn't get anything in the collection because i got into a car accident

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